Schiphol-Groningen, 5 november, 5.40 pm

While writing this I’m on the train to Groningen, back in the Netherlands again. It’s a weird idea that only a couple of hours ago I was in St. Pauls Cathedral for a quick look around.
After typing my last blog, Raheal and I went to Westminster Cathedral, by tube. The last time I was in the underground was in Rome, in 2003 (or was it 2004?). I don’t like it, even though it’s fast – it’s dark, crowded and hot, and it takes some time to get to know the system, or at least, for a girl like me. Mass just ended in Westerminster Cathedral when we arrived, but I did have a quick look of the inside. Sadly they were renovating things (renovation on itself isn’t bad, but in this way I didn’t get the chance to see it very well) and there were chairs in it 😦

Westminster Cathedral by night

We quickly moved to Vaugh House, tot the linacre thics forum. The topic of the evening was brain death. Everyone was very kind, and asked where I cam from and so. I felt a bit overwhelmed by this heartly welcome. The reading by prof. David Jones was was good, and made me thinkg: didn’t really realise before on which different ways you can look to such a topic. Also learned the difference between brain death (brain stem death) and permanent vegatative state (PvS), and difference I didn’t know, and still not fully understand. The discussion after that pointed to some other issues, like moral security, if the Church does or does not have the authority to make statements about such medical and scientific things (of dat het alleen de grote richtlijnen kan aangeving about het morale gebied) and about informing donors more properly (guess if you do that, we would really have a shortage of organs, more that we already have – but that’s another, even though related, topic).
Afterwards the largest part of the group went to the Cardinal for a drink, a lovely place. Met some more people, and all were interested why on earth I came to this all the way from the Netherlands. Sadly we had to leave early, cause Ashwell House shuts the doors at 11 pm (we were 5 minutes late (A)).

In the Cardinal

It was great to meet such people, people who also think about medical ethics, catholics and mostly people involved in medicine. It feels good to know that I’m not the only one trying to figure out how to deal with such topics. I think that is is good in general fo rmedical students, believers maybe more than non-believers, to think about ethics topics, how they deal with it, how they think they should deal with it, to think about it yourself and look up more information. Not just starting to do that when you run into it when you are already a doctor and you have to do something, but anticipate on it. Think that is is good for yourself as well as for your patients.

This Morning I woke up at 7 am, after a good nights sleep. Went to – English – Mass at 7.30, was good, especially liked it that they had knielbanken on which everyone recieved the Communion (but they stand during the prayers instead of kneeling down..). Was glad I took the English Missal of my mother with me. At 815 breakfast, after which I had to look up something on the computer about St. Pauls Cathedral. Baught a travelcard for this day and first took the buss to Liverpool Street, then went on another buss to st. Pauls. Unfortunately I only had half an hour to look around, and because I had my suitcase with me I couldn’t go into the Dome. Well, guess that has to be the next time I’m in London (no idea when, but if I go, it will be longer than the time I was there now). Took the buss back to Liverpool Street Station, me like dubbeldekkers, I absolutely prefer the buss over the tube.

St. Pauls from the right                                                                                Some building (a bank?) the passed on the way back to liv. str. st.

Cute car 😛                                                                                             Lots of cars in the narrow streets…

Took the train to Stansted Airport , arriving perfectly on time for the check-in. Was very glad I didn’t have a delay this time, and the bit of free coffee (new flavour) made it pleasant. Normally I don’t drink coffe, but this was a very good one. Maybe I should try some good coffee sometimes (I mean, special coffee, the normal  coffee I don’t drink) – this one was something with mocca in it if I remember it well. Next time in London visiting Starbucks 😛
Plane left on time – me like flying. It was very cloudy today, only got to see the blue sky above the clouds for a short moment – but that moment was absolutely beautifull.
At Schiphol I decided to first get something to eat – a large meal from the Burger King (didn’t ask for a large one, but guess the man serving me knew that I needed it), taking it with me in the train to Groningen.

Also added some pictures to the previous post…


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  1. Yay!
    And yes, in the UK (and in lots of other places) it’s normal to only kneel after the Sanctus until the Great Amen, and then after the Pax til after Communion. Wennen!

  2. I think you’ll find that they weren’t so much renovating the cathedral as actually constructing it. It’s so vast, that the decorations on the inside aren’t yet finished after a century or so.
    Good to see you visited St Paul’s, but it’s definitely worth a longer visit. There’s a nice souvenir shop in the basement and getting out on the top of the dome is awesome.

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